Tuesday, June 14, 2016

European Oddity

What unit do you use to measure liquids? Ask any person in India and you shall get a single answer. “Litre” Be it any quantity, from small to ultra huge, liquids are invariably measured in litres and litres alone. From soft drink cans to huge tankers carrying water or fuel on the roads, however big or small the quantity, the only unit used is litre.
In school we have seen this chart -

Image from: http://hinkhousescience.weebly.com/metric-mini-unit1.html 

But in real life we never really use decilitres or centilitres. Even in Singapore where metric system is used more than in India, for example centimetres are used to measure human height while most Indian stick to feet and inches, with regard to volume I never saw anybody use any unit other than litres.

In Europe however, dl or decilitres were just everywhere. The volume of all small beverages on offer was quoted either in decilitres or centilitres for really small quantities. Check out these pictures from Hungary.



This is a european oddity indeed!

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