Friday, May 27, 2011

Interesting reads from around the web

It has been a long time since I last blogged. Last minute studying for the impending law school entrance exams did not leave me much time to write after the two posts about the Singapore General Election 2011.

However, no writing does not mean no reading. I was surfing the internet as much as ever and here are some interesting articles that I recently came across -

  • The Economist - $100,000 dropouts
    • The article talks about a real programme which actually encourages students to drop out of college!!
  • Yawning Bread - Counting Agent Me
    • A very insightful chronicle of a counting agent at the Singapore General Election. How do you think a vote where a person has written "Go to Hell" across the name of a party will be counted in Singapore?
  • Times of India - Debunking six myths about Narendra Modi
    • Famous novelist Chetan Bhagat clears the myths surrounding one of the most controversial politicians in India. The Debate continues - Religious zealot or the most successful chief minister focused on industrial development?
  • TIME - Top Five False Statistics
    • TIME magazine makes a list of the top five false statistics that we often see being quoted in even some of the well renowned publications.
  • Daily News and Analysis - Get basic policing right first
    • Nitin Pai talks about why the Mumbai Police should not be teaching martial arts to women.
And on a lighter note...
Do comment and let me know which one of these articles you liked the most...

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  1. wow!! that article about dropouts is revolutionary...and disturbing. with all the faith and investment that parents and students put in higher education and the hours of preparation that go into preparing for SATs and entrance tests, now you are telling me that i should have been watching The Apprentice and not chosen to go to college! Disturbing...


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