Monday, November 29, 2010

The end … the beginning…

Today was the last day of A levels, the last day of Junior College. As much as it is a joyous occasion, it marks the end of certainty and the beginning of a longish period of uncertainty. I wore a school uniform for the last time today. For the last four years I atleast knew whats up next. Today, I have no idea where will I be this time next year or what will I be doing. Friends who are family right now will almost certainly be several time zones away, across the proverbial seven seas. It shall be almost an entirely new life in university...
However, before that lie the holidays and that is where a blog comes in. I have decided to join the ranks of the self-declared pundits with the license to unleash upon the world comeletely unsolicited opinions and social commentary on absolutely anything and everything, real or imagined. Once I go back to India, I shall have slightly more free time over the holidays and so I plan to blog at least twice a week. I have heard a range of opinions on blogging, from "Go ahead and good luck!" to "Sad to see you join the ranks of attention seeking self-obsessed idiots." I shall just blog about what I feel and what I think about what is happening to me and around me, and see what kind of blog it turns out to be. Feel free to read and comment viciously to criticise or flatter me. I plan to sync this to FB Notes as well so you can also comment there if you so wish.
As for today, I am just happy to be bidding adieu to the torturous A level syllabi. Life is now going to be sane again. I shall now-
  1. go back to thinking that "attack of nucleophiles" is a sci-fi movie.
  2. again associate the word "curves" with attractive figure rather than monstrosities like asymptotes, tangents, stationary points, normals etc. (By the way, I think calling something 'normal' is a cunning math teacher's attempt at humanising their inexplicable abnormal subject)
  3. define a wave the kindergarten way - moving left to right an outstretched palm as a greeting or good bye! (screw you de broglie!)
  4. forget all the difficult to pronounce and spell, quantum and nuclear physicists like de Broglie, Shrodinger and Heisenburg or was it Hiesenberg ... (forgetting already, YAY!)
Thats that... The first post is up! More shall follow…   :-)


  1. Great going Sagar! You were always good at writing and ater 4 years I feel that it will be really good to experience the more mature Sagar! I feel blogs are a great way to say what you wish to and want to. I feel that you can make justice to this awesome medium(see i am already becoming American) with your maturity in writing. Anyways good to see you writing again and wanna read more from you!!

    P.S- I sympathise and emphathise(hope I got the spelling right) with ur condition now!! Hope you have a great time in India!

  2. hahaha! the "attack of nucleophiles" bit really cracked me up!! Hahaha!

  3. My opinion is more of the 'Go ahead and good luck' kind because I like to read what you write. Like your definitions of curve and wave.. :)

    Keep amusing us, Cheers

  4. Thanks a lot everyone. :)

    @Linus: I dont like chatboxes... Comment system is way better ...


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